CYA: Lección de Español

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Lección de Español

For those of you who are not spanish speakers or haven´t googled what COSTRA Y AMPOLLA means, here you can learn the meaning of two little GROSS spanish words.

Scab = Costra
Blister = Ampolla

After this little but graphic display of gore to bright and cheer up your day you're all excused to go and puke in the w.c.

Class is dismissed!!

Sincerely yours

Scab & Blister

20 comentarios:

  1. Im spanish so...i knew before,but i'm intered in why that name???is..ugg, isn't it?

  2. We wanted to have a fun name and not the obvious and predictable ones like closet fashionista or crazy for shoes ( dont know if these really exists, and no harm intended) so we chose this one after the names of my high school psycology teacher pets.

  3. jajajajajaja, ¡qué buena la explicación!

  4. me encantoooooo!!! sucha a clever name! :) primera ves que me doy una "vuelta" por aqui..and i love it! the pictures are awesome! bueno les mando besos, bendiciones y buenas vibras desde canaaadahhhh. xo

  5. puke i will surely,but haha i would've never figured that's what your blog's name meant(although i did wonder why it was so long).
    i think your blog's awesome,i love all the pictures!and the writing's hillarious!
    p.s.-i'm so jealous of all the awesome stuff u guys have(featured in your older post!).

  6. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love the header of your blog it's really cool xxx

  7. jajajaj, una lección muy gráfica!
    un bes!xo!

  8. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por un administrador del blog.

  9. the pictures are soo nasty haha! I like your blog!

  10. Really love the post below, and interesting post. Thanks for the really lovely comment, sorry for the REALLY late reply, will try to reply sooner next time!

  11. este blog es muy pro para mi :)
    haha me encanto la leccion un saludo

  12. LOL i always wondered what it meant. I love it. I totally get not wanting to include the word 'fashion' in a fashion blog :) props to you guys!

    xx raez

  13. hahahaha i thought those were your surnames :D
    thanks for sharing! :D

  14. i have a question..
    weren't you three writing this blog?

    i'd thank if you answered on my blog :D

  15. hablo español asi que ya lo habia entendido pero las fotos como que reavivaron el recuerdo!;) jajajja

  16. Haha you just made me laugh, not puke!! :P
    The name of your blog sounds prettier that its meaning is!
    Im studying Spanish for three years now, but we never learn words like that! Are you from Spain or Latin America?

    Congratulations for such a creative name! Your high school teacher seems to be a nerd.
    I should have thought of a more creative name... Maybe I should change it?

  17. que pelazo tienes chiquilla!