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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Join The Professionals Today!

Always wanted to have a band (dying actually) but can't sing or play any instrument, BUMMER!

Ladies annd Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains is the perfect example on how to get a band and actually make it with just the right look, attitude and basic music skills.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the skunk signature look the stains have on the film (bold make up, white/black stripes on hair, see through blouses and panties) that transformed the band from a teenage indie punk girl band into a major mainstream success, with music video and everything!!

If you haven´t seen this film you probably wont get any of this post so just look at the pics and enjoy!!

ps. MAJOR crush on Diane Lane gorgeous face!!

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  1. me han encantado las fotos!!!! siempre me sorprendéis! un besazo! os espero en mi blog

  2. gracias! me encanta este blog, agrego a mis links!

  3. one of my fav quotes is that she doesnt put out! remember that. hahah
    love the movie too
    when im bored i watch it on netflix!

  4. Great post dear, i like it so much!!! It looks so so dainty <3


  5. lovin your post, everything is just so pretty.

  6. well i haven't watched it but i seems to be a good film.Has been translated to spanish?maybe I'll watch it

  7. I've been wanting to see this film for ageesss, love the screen caps! I've been wanting to start my own band for ages too! I can't sing or play anything either, i've decided it'll have to sound a bit chaotic ;) we should start a band together!!

  8. super cool!


  9. Estaré pendiente, aunque no soy una seguidora de ese tipo de películas.
    Yo alguna vez tambien quise tener una banda, pero creo que no con esa actitud, sino que con algo más flora. JAJA obvio que tampoco se tocar ningun instrumento y mi voz y mis cantos están reservados para cuando cocino ;)

    Nos vemos!

  10. Cómo me gusta vuestras entradas!! Son inspiradoras a tope!