CYA: She's a Hefty Hideaway Girl!

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

She's a Hefty Hideaway Girl!

King of kitsch John Waters delivers and hits the nail with all of his movies, Hairspray it´s not the exception, I mean the cast is packed with icons such as Debbie Harry, Divine and Ricki Lake,mixed with acid humor, outrageous fashion, 60´s music and tons of crazy characters, this movie is a must watch for every kitsch, b movies fan out there.

Note: This movie is so much better than the musical remake they did a pair of years ago.

8 comentarios:

  1. QUe gracioso! estoy segura de que muchas veces en mi infancia me peiné igual! jaja

    Nos vemos!

  2. I too thought that this version was so much better than the recent one!

  3. Que graciosas fotos xD
    Los peinados adorables jajaja.

  4. craving a bit of hairspray to brighten my day now!