CYA: Bloggers Wardrobe NOW OPEN!

domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Bloggers Wardrobe NOW OPEN!

The Bloggers Wardrobe site is now finally open for the public, and we have to say it´s GORGEOUS!!!

Go ahead pretty things and check it out, there´s a lot of interesting stuff for you to watch including a brand new fresh image to the site, all the participating bloggers profiles, an overview of some of the first brands involved like Tiger Of Sweden or Gestuz (there´s lots to come in a few weeks) as well as lots of pretty pics and blogger eye candy for everyone to enjoy.

We've already made our picks from the online store, have you made yours??

Dont forget to follow the Bloggers Wardrobe twitter account @BloggerWardrobe for upcoming news and updates as well as our twitter profiles @ruben_castilla and @RocioPergon !!


Rubén & Rocio!!!!

10 comentarios:

  1. I'll check it out right now!!!!
    You look amazing!!!

  2. omg i wanna be part of ittt soo baddd


  3. felicidadeees!!! ya cheque la pagina y está increíble verlos ahi!!

  4. Edgy post! Appreciate the link, Hotties <3

    te amo,

  5. Que mal espero que algún día podamos hacer nuestra reunión.... Veré que puedo hacer para ir ;)
    xx s

  6. los sigo a ambos <3<3